Dental Implants Budapest, Hungary

all-on-4 dental implant rehabilitation in Budapest, Hungary

Hungary has been a popular destination for dental tourism since 1970, and for good reason: quality, reliability, and affordability. Hungarian dentists have continuously demonstrated their expertise and achievements in the field of dentistry.

With this opportunity in mind, many patients also come to Hungary from all over Europe and Italy. At our dental clinics, we have Italian-speaking staff, making communication easy from the beginning to the end of treatment.

So why wait any longer to get your teeth fixed? The team at La Porta Dental is ready to serve you. We believe that everyone deserves healthy teeth, the pleasure of eating, a beautiful smile, and a better quality of life.

Quality – Dentists and Materials

Probably the two most important things: the quality of the dentist and the quality of the materials. When these things come together, the patient will show interest and rightfully so! It is difficult to know the quality of the dentist in advance (except through recommendations), so we must check what they are offering.

A good price does not automatically mean that the offer is also good. All materials used in our clinics, such as fillings, porcelain or zirconia crown-bridges, or dental implants, represent the highest quality in modern dentistry and naturally comply with or exceed the controlled standards specifications, EN ISO 9001:2008.

Dental treatment costs and prices

Comparing prices can be challenging, as accurate and correct information can only be obtained by comparing the same categories. This holds true for various types of prosthetic work, including dentures, inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers, dental bridges, and particularly for dental implants.

It’s always a good idea to seek information before making a decision. If a price seems too low or if there is no information available online about the materials used, it’s likely that the quality may be poor, and it may be wise to consider other options.

Ultimately, prioritizing your safety is crucial when making a decision, especially when it comes to achieving a dazzling new smile.

Warranty for dental implants and whole mouth dental rehabilitation

A warranty provides security and instills trust when undergoing dental treatments. At La Porta Dental clinics, we use only the highest quality materials, which is why we can offer an extended guarantee period. For example, our guarantee covers several years for various types of prosthetic work such as prosthesis, crowns, and more, ranging from 3-5 years or more. Additionally, our dental implants come with a minimum guarantee period of 10 years.

Dental teatment abroad: full dentures, All-on-4

Our dental practice provides a diverse array of treatments, ranging from basic dental fillings to intricate surgeries and complete mouth rehabilitations.

Our services include conservative and aesthetic dentistry, dental implants, total mouth rehabilitation using the ‘All on 4’ system with four implants, sinus elevation, dentures, metal-ceramic or zirconium crown and bridge, orthodontics, orthodontic appliances, root canal treatment, whitening, and the use of local anesthesia or deep sedation as needed.

Your dental travel to Budapest, Hungary

To visit Hungary, you must possess a valid document such as your ID card or passport. There are various travel options available, including air travel, train travel, bus travel, and private car travel, all of which are convenient and efficient. The Hungarian border can be reached by car from the Italian border in the northeast within four hours. If you require travel assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our team member.

Step by step – How to start your dental rehabilitation

To begin your dental treatment, follow these simple steps: first, select the most convenient region for you. Next, complete the registration form and submit a panoramic X-ray. Once we receive this information, we will prepare a detailed estimate. Our staff will then contact you via email to coordinate treatment dates and discuss the necessary procedures.